BKSB Diagnostics

You will need to logon to access the diagnostics. See below for Logon Instructions

Please click on the images for the diagnostic

Click here to begin the Initial Assessments

Click here to begin the Preferred Learning Styles Assessment

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Click here to view the Resources

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OLD Diagnostic Assessments

Logon Instructions.
When you select a diagnostic a dialogue box (as shown below) will open.

For the username you will need to type in coal\ followed by your college username. e.g coal\jsmith. Enter your College password as normal and you will be logged into the diagnostic assessment.

Note To run the diagnostic, you must have Flash and Shockwave Player installed on your machine. Most browsers will have this already, but if you find the screen freezing during the test, this is the most likely cause.

When the user has finished the test, be sure to print a copy of the results.